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The 5 Best Cartoon Cars of All Time

Cartoon cars are the things of dreams, imagination and tremendous adventures. The animated cars of our childhoods, teenagehood and even adulthood have followed us around on TV screens for years and we know these cars even better than we know our own.

Filling us with nostalgia and escapism, we thought we would share with you what we consider to be the 5 best cartoon cars of all time:

1. The Flintstone Mobile

A classic since 1960, the Flintstone mobile has trundled across our screens carrying with it a host of our favourite and oldest animated friends. Way ahead of its time and powered by Fred’s own super speedy feet, the Flintstone mobile never failed to make us smile and shout ‘YABADABADOOO!’

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Top 10 Funniest Places to Park your Car

Now we all know how much I love a good giggle at a silly cat video or a Harry Potter meme – but my boisterous love for cars means that car fails are at the top of the chuckle chart! Be prepared for this show down of the top 10 funniest places to park your car.

Sit back, relax, and try not to smile too much…



Whoever pulled off this little stunt would have had trouble opening their doors wide enough to get in, but at least the handle would be dry. Read More

10 of the Weirdest Car News Stories


There is a lot of weirdness in the world. A lot of odd people, unusual situations and interesting stories. As a result, amongst all the doom and gloom of news stories, there are occasionally some bits of news so bizarre that all you can really do is laugh.

Being the car maniacs that we are, we have sifted through a pile of newsworthy and bizarre stories involving cars to bring you the 10 most bizarre recent car news stories – Enjoy!

1. ‘Woman with Blood-Alcohol Level 5x the Legal Limit Escapes from Burning Car Totally Unscathed’

That’s right, a drunken woman who crashed her car into an embankment and set it on fire, managed to escape the burning vehicle without a scratch. She was then arrested for DUI. Read More